WWII Munition Found by Cape May Fisherman

Middle Township, New Jersey The bomb squad responded and evacuated several buildings and homes after a resident walked in to the Middle Township Police Department in Cape May County with military ordnance.

The woman entered the station and reported that her son had found the munition while fishing. The device was removed from the building and the bomb squad was called in to respond.

The Atlantic City Police Department's Bomb Squad responded and identified the item as a WWII-era marine marker. Because it lacked an active fuzing mechanism, the bomb disposal technicians deemed it safe to transport for disposal.

Call for FY15 USACE M2S2 Webinar Abstracts

Article submitted by Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for posting.

The Military Munitions Support Services webinar series hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continued to enjoy tremendous support and success in FY14, with approximately 1,428 participants tuning in to the six webinars conducted during the year. Participants included representatives from DOD, other Federal agencies, State regulators, industry, interested stakeholders, academia, and international attendees.

USACE plans to host four M2S2 webinars in FY15 but in order to do so, your assistance is needed. The webinars are only as good as the topics and speakers which comprise them and we want to continue to provide the very best webinar sessions possible. In order to do that, we are requesting presentation abstracts from across the M2S2 community, including Federal agencies, industry, State regulators, and all other stakeholders. Our objective for the M2S2 webinars is to share knowledge, technologies, best practices, and lessons learned across the spectrum of munitions response activities.


Beach Camper Killed by WWII ERA UXO

Groix , France A 26-year-old camper was killed by an explosion believed to have been caused by a WWII UXO that had washed ashore on the French island of Groix off the coast of Brittany. The man died after a blast near a campfire while on vacation with nine other friends, one of whom was seriously injured in the blast.

Authorities investigating the incident suspect that the tide washed the UXO ashore as munitions debris reportedly found in the area. The exact cause of the detonation was unknown at this time.

Join UXOInfo.com in Support of the EODWF

Over the past 13 years, every member of the EOD Family has experienced or seen the sacrifices, consequences and cost of war. While the EOD community has faced tremendous loss, hardship and obstacles, the indivisible bond of the EOD Family remains unbroken, supported by the strength, resilience and commitment of EOD technicians, spouses, families and friends.

The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) remains steadfast in their mission to serve our nation's elite warriors and their families. Now they need your help to serve our nation's EOD service members, veterans and their families; to disarm the ongoing challenges and to honor and preserve the legacy of our fallen EOD warriors.

EODWF has launched the EOD Community Challenge, from September 8 --. November 17, 2014 to raise funds for the Foundation and awareness about the service and needs of the EOD Family. Their goal is to raise $350,000 in ten weeks. You can take part in this Challenge by becoming a fundraiser as an individual or as a team. If 350 people reach their goal of $1000 each, they will achieve this goal.


4,000-Pound Wake-up Call

Seelze, Germany Some 14,000 people were awakened by police in the middle of the night to demands to evacuate their homes after a potentially dangerous WWII bomb was discovered in the town of Seelze, near Hannover.

The massive 4,000-pound British bomb was considered so dangerous that officials ordered the evacuation, stopped rail traffic in the area, and closed a nearby canal to shipping. Residents were sent to emergency shelters. Three nursing homes had to be evacuated by ambulance.

Residents who refused to leave immediately caused a four hour delay before a bomb disposal team could remove the three detonators on the device and safely defuse the munition.

4th and Goal - One "Flash Bang Grenade" Shot to Go

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a notice to police and bomb squad personnel across the U.S. to be on the lookout for an alcohol shot made to look like a flash bang grenade. The alcohol shot, housed in a container that resembles a hand held grenade equipped with a working pull pin and spoon, attracts young drinkers such as 21-year old college students.

An example of an alcohol shot taken off a USC student at a recent football game against Texas A&M is shown below. The item does not contain explosives or energetics but has the potential to result in bomb disposal calls due to its life-like resemblance of an actual munition.


UXO Blamed For the Deaths of Two Scrap Metal Worker

Granite City, IL An explosion occurred at the Total Metal Recycling (TMR) plant resulting in the death of two workers and the injury of another. The victims were 46 and 24 years old respectively. The explosion was reported to be from a live munition item that accidentally ended up getting mixed in with the scrap metal being recycled.


Dangerous Game of Fetch Thwarted by EOD

Mp>Essex, United Kingdom It's not unusual to see a man playing fetch with his dog on the beach, but an off-duty EOD expert was alarmed to see just what one British man was playing fetch with on an Essex beach.

The man found an old object on the beach and began throwing it to his dog. Lucky for him and his dog, the explosives expert who happened to be close by recognized the object as a live WWII grenade. The technician quickly halted the game and set up a 30-yard boundary around the grenade. He then notified police and the coastguards.


Got Fringe? SCA Health & Welfare Benefit Rate Increases

Washington, DC Good news for UXO Technicians supporting Service Contract Act (SCA)contracts - The The U.S. Department of Labor has released its annual memorandum noting a rate increase for SCA Health and Welfare Fringe Benefits.

The new rate is $4.02 per hour (up from $3.81 per hour last year), and a special rate of $1.66 per hour has been set for Hawaii (up from last year's $1.55 per hour).


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