Have a Happy, Safe 4th

UXOInfo.com would like to wish all our readers a Happy and Safe Fourth of July holiday. As we celebrate the independence of our nation, we also honor the men and women who are serving in the U.S. military to protect our freedoms. We especially like to thank the EOD Technicians for taking on dangerous missions in support of our country.

We also remind everyone that while celebrating with fireworks is a time-honored tradition, pyrotechnics are very dangerous and should be treated as such.

The image below is from a fireworks hazards demonstration by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at the National Mall in Washington D.C. The shot was setup to model an illegal fireworks manufacturing operation.

Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

Navy EOD Plans for Civil War Era Ordnance Recovery Effort

Savannah, Georgia A Navy EOD dive team is scheduled to conduct an underwater UXO clearance around the sunken CSS Georgia in support of a salvage operation to recover the Civil War Era vessel for historical purposes. Original estimates of six UXO in the area were increased to over 70 following a USACE survey of the area. The increased in the number of expected targets caused a three week delay in the project.

Navy EOD plans to recover as many ordnance as they can intact as the Naval History and Heritage Command expressed a desire to conserve as many of ordnance as possible due to their intrinsic historical value. Plans for the operation call for the 20-man crew from EOD Mobile Unit 6 Detachment Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay to place the ordnance in holding fixtures until Marine EOD technicians can inert the items (Marines are the only service authorized to inert munitions).


Two Ladies, a Pick-Up and a Hand Grenade

Brandon Township, Michigan The wife of a recently-deceased Marine and a friend drove to a local police station with a potentially live hand grenade in a box on the back seat of a pick-up truck. They found the grenade while clearing out the garage of the owned by the now deceased Marine. The two took on such an adventure so they could drop off the grenade to the police.

When arriving at the Oakland County Sheriff Office Substation, the police responding by evacuating the building and several nearby businesses. A Michigan State Police Squad was called in to secure the scene and remove the hazard for proper disposal. The grenade was reported as a potentially live WWII era MK II hand grenade.

Police reminded the two that it is never a good idea (not to mention illegal) to transport a potentially live ordnance in a vehicle. They were advised to dial 9-1-1 if they find any other munition related items in the house.

Munition Found In Garden Shed

Henley, United Kingdom A Bomb disposal team was called to a residential house for reports of a munition item in a garden shed on the property. The munition, described as approximately 20 inches long and 6 inches in diameter, had reportedly been in the a shed for close to 30 years according to the owner of the house.

The residents were clearing out the shed when they discovered the shell. They took a picture of the ordnance and sent it to a friend who is in the Army. The friend recommended calling for help due the fact that the fuze appeared to be intact.

Police responded with a bomb squad to remove the shell identified as a WW I era projectile. After evacuating neighbors in the immediate area, the munition was relocated for safe disposal off-site.

Donation Bin At Thrift Store Sparks EOD Response

Salt Lake City, Utah a man sorting through a pile of scrap in a recycling bin at the Desert Industries Thrift Store found more than just scrap metal when he found a mortar round mixed in with the scrap. The man notified management who in turn called the police.

Police responded with technical support provided by the Air Force EOD unit based out of Hill AFB. EOD identified the 60mm mortar round as an inert training item missing the tail fins. EOD took possession of the mortar for proper disposal. The item reportedly had an inert sticker on it which was only partially visible due to wear and age.

Paddle Boarders Could Face Charges For Trespassing Around UXO

Kent, United Kingdom Law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation of two recreational paddle boarders who trespassed around the remains a sunken WWII ship containing 1,400 tons of live ordnance. The two include 36 year old Shane Skinner and friend Ricky Wooding who were reportedly paddle boarding in the Thames Estuary when they decided to ignore warning signs and buoys around the remains of SS Richard Montgomery. Skinner even took the time pose for photos where he is seen touching one of the ship's masts protruding from the sea.


Unexpended Flares At Landfill Causes Bomb Call Response

Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom A Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team responded to a call of unexpended flares left at the Morewell landfill. The person who discarded the flares at the landfill has not been identified.

EOD disposed of the flares through a controlled detonation without incident. Workers at the landfill are going through the visitor records to try to determine who left the flares at the landfill.


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