FBI Investigates For Stolen Munitions in UXO Accident

El Paso, Texas The FBI is leading a multi-agency investigation following a tragic accident in which two women were injured in an explosion of a 40 mm round which destroyed their pickup truck. The names and conditions of the two women have not been released, but they were reportedly mother and daughter.

County Sheriff Deputies are still investigating the case in which the pair allegedly stole the munitions from the ranges at Fort Bliss as they were collecting scrap metal.

The ranges, which are federal property, are off limits to the public. Warning signs are posted along the borders of the restricted land.

Suspect Mustard Projectiles Found at Seafood Plant

Dover, Delaware Air Force EOD responded to a call of a munitions find at a seafood processing facility in Delaware. EOD identified the two rounds as 75 mm projectiles suspected of containing mustard.

The rounds are being stored at Dover Air Force Base awaiting further guidance from the Army's Recovered Chemical Materiel Directorate (RCMD), US Army Chemical Materials Activity, and US Army 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive). Very few details about the munitions find have been released to the public but it is believed that the munitions came from clam shell dredging operations similar to finds in the past reported by UXOInfo.com over the years.


Protests Against Open Burn of Propellants at Camp Minden

Minden, Louisiana The EPA has announced plans to burn 15 million pounds of M6 propellant explosives housed at the National Guard's Camp Minden in rural Webster Parish, despite warnings from officials that doing so will release toxins into the atmosphere which may be harmful to those exposed.

It is believed that the toxins will rise approximately two miles into the atmosphere, with a potential to eventually cover the entire corner of the state, even spreading into Texas or Arkansas. Exposure may result in cancer or blood pressure problems as well as birth defects for children born to those exposed.


UXO Sparks Fireworks in Storage Shed Fire

Long Beach, California A north Long Beach neighborhood was evacuated when authorities found UXO at a storage shed fire. The Long Beach Fire Department responded to the vacant home where two sheds and a garage were on fire with reports of "fireworks" shooting off from the flames.

Once the fire was contained, officials found a cache of live ammunition including WWII ordnance at the scene. The munitions were safety inspected and removed from the area for proper disposal. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

New Version of USACE ER 385-1-95 Released

Washington, D.C. The USACE released an updated version of ER 385-1-95, Safety and Health Requirements for Operations and Activities Involving Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC). The revised Engineer Regulation (ER) dated 31 December 2014 supersedes the previous version dated March 30, 2007.

The new guidance, which can be downloaded from the UXOInfo.com's UXO Library, contains updated safety and health requirements and responsibilities for military munitions response actions and MEC related operations, including operations involving CWM.


Fireworks Spark Tragedy in 200 Car Pile-up

Galesburg, Michigan As we often remind our readers, fireworks can be hazardous even when being transported. This proved true over the weekend when some 200 vehicles were involved in a fatal pileup along a snow-covered I-94 between Kalamzoo and Galesburg, Michigan.

One of the trucks involved in the accident was transporting fireworks. Fires sparked by the collisions caused the truck to burst in a series of aerial explosions. In the end, the accident resulted in one fatality with over two dozen people injured, including two firefighters who responded to the scene.

New Year Clean-up Includes UXO Sweep

Kenosha, Wisconsin Many people clean out after the New Year, but the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department's bomb squad responded to a local home to remove more than just old furniture and toys. They removed four 40 mm rounds, one hand grenade, and one smoke grenade from the basement of a residential property.

The ordnance items were deemed safe for transport and were taken offsite for proper disposal. An investigation is underway to determine how the ordnance ended up in the house.

EOD Called To Investigate Suspect Underwater Object

Kua Bay, Big Island Hawaii Officials from the Kekaha Kai State Park were called to investigate a suspicious looking object found in the shallow water. The object, shown below was approximately two feet in diameter and weighed 150 pounds.

Due to the history of UXO in the area, the area was closed to surfers and Navy EOD was called to investigate.


"Trailer Trash" of the UXO Kind

Artmore, Alabama WWII grenades and other military explosives were discovered in a hunting truck at a trailer park, sparking an evacuation of the area surrounding the vehicle. The initial report was made to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, and law enforcement and emergency responders reported to the scene.

The owner of the truck, said he found the munitions in a barn while out hunting. He reportedly brought them back to secure them before contacting authorities. It is believed that the items belong to a WWII veteran living in the area who brought them back home after his service ended.


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