UXO Found Among Trash Pile Forced Evacuations

Solvang, California Hundreds were evacuated from homes and businesses in Solvang after an unexploded projectile was found among a pile of trash. EOD from Vandenberg Air Force Base responded to render the item safe.

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office, between 500 and 700 buildings had to be evacuated. The UXO, show below, was identified as a fuzed 105mm round which had been fired, as evident from the etchings on the rotating band.


Training Scrap Metal Workers to Identify UXO Hazards

Bangkok, Thailand EOD specialists from the Royal Thai Air Force are instructing scrap metal and junk shop owners to be aware of potential dangers including UXO when accepting items. The training is a response to an recent explosion at a shop where a WWII bomb was found on a construction site and brought to a scrap metal warehouse.

Migrant workers used a blowtorch to open the bomb in an effort to evaluate the value of the metal. The device detonated, killing eight people, including one child, and injuring 19 others. Several homes in the area were destroyed as well.

The EOD instructors urged workers to contact police if they are unsure about the safety of an item. Scrap metal shop owners are also encouraged to install cameras in parking lots to help police identify individuals who may try to bring in illegal items.

Maui Mall Madness

Kahului, Hawaii A Maui mall and the surrounding areas were closed when a 26-year-old man decided to place a hand grenade and mortar round in his vehicle to drive it to the Wailuku Police Station for disposal.

The man, who pulled over to alert police after having second thoughts about the safety of the UXO items, has been charged with second-degree reckless endangering.

An EOD team was notified and responded to remove the items for proper disposal. A 600-foot perimeter, was established and no incidents or injuries were reported.

Munitions and Explosives of Concern Program Leader Position

For over 20 years, Cape Environmental Management Inc. (www.cape-inc.com) has been a leader in construction, environmental remediation and industrial services working on challenging projects stateside and internationally. CAPE has the proven technologies and extensive self-performing capabilities; what we need now is you! CAPE is currently seeking a MEC Program Leader. We are currently seeking qualified candidates Nationwide.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Industry recognized leader with a track record of growth.
  • Relationships with decision makers within USACE and USN, and among potential teaming partner firms.


  • This position will be responsible in identify and develop strategies to capture task order IDIQ awards.
  • Must be able meet sales goals and to support project delivery team to achieve budgets and resolve challenges for MEC projects.
  • Provide input to proposals and estimating process on MEC proposals to ensure competiveness with pricing.
  • Record of successful project execution and effective working relationships with clients and regulatory agencies.
  • The MEC leader will work closely with Regional Managers, MEC staff and CMT to focus on marketing resources, as needed to achieve objectives within the MEC program.

Minimum Work Experience:

  • 15 years' experience of managing and supervising MEC programs - CONUS AND OCONUS.


TSA Issues Reminder To Leave Your Artillery At Home

O'Hare International Airport, Chicago Two travelers reported as minors got in hot water with law enforcement when they attempted to check in luggage containing military artillery shells. The two were reportedly traveling back from a field trip to London.

After finding the munitions in the baggage, the TSA officials contacted the FBI and the Chicago police department. The teens told law enforcement that they found the shells at a old artillery range while traveling. The rounds were identified as French 77MM artillery shells.

The two were allowed to continue with their travels and have not been charged at this time.

Sparks Fly Over Fracking Plan on Potential UXO Site

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom A leading fracking firm is expected to start drilling on the site of the former Royal Ordnance Factory near Daneshille Lakes in the near future. The factory was one of three built to produce cordite (a form of smokeless propellant designed to replace gunpowder) during WWII. The drilling has sparked concerns from local officials over the potential for UXO at the site. The fracking company believes that the site is safe but opponents reference Environmental Agency (EA) reports that states "most MoD sites that operated during the war were military targets, there is often an issue of unexploded ordnance."

The drilling site, approximately half the size of a soccer field, is an area that was never developed during the construction or use of the ordnance factory. Initial intrusive investigations at the site did not reveal any indicators of UXO (e.g., presence of frag, munitions debris). The company has all the required permits from EA to begin but officials at the EA have "requested soil samples to provide conclusive proof that there are no residual explosives on site."

Munition Found In Residential Area

Fort Meade, Maryland Construction workers removing dirt from a site around residential homes in the Heritage Park neighborhood uncovered a munition item. Emergency services were called in to respond and nearby homes within 300-meters were evacuated. An Army EOD team was dispatched from Fort Belvoir to respond to the call. EOD identified the round as a WWII-era practice mortar round. The all clear was given shortly after EOD transported the munition off-site for disposal.

Dry Season Puts Fort Hood Ranges Manager on Wildfire Alert

Fort Hood, Texas Base Fire officials are preparing for a busy fire season according to Fire Chief Billy Rhoads. More than 160 acres have already burned this year and danger looms for Fort Hood's training ranges.

March already saw two wildfires fueled by dry conditions and low humidity. The first began when the Lone Star tank range at North Fort Hood sparked from a unit firing ordnance. A second fire erupted when a unit was conducting maneuver training using pyrotechnics.


Police and EOD Respond to Munitions Cache Find

Gatineau, Canada Police responded to an anonymous call about military munitions stored in a vacant apartment building. Police responded to find a small cache of military-grade artillery shells. Canadian Forces EOD specialists were called in to safely remove and dispose of the munitions. The specific types of munitions involves was not reported. Authorities are investigating the incident to determine where the munitions originated from and who stored them in the vacant building.

2014 EOD Memorial Weekend Planned

Fort Walton Beach, Florida The 2104 EOD Memorial Weekend will be held April 30 - May 3. The event-filled weekend will include the Global EOD Conference and Exhibition, a golf tournament, and EOD Memorial Ball as well as many other events.

To download the flyer or register visit http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org/events/events/view/45. For questions please contact Melissa Tackitt at Melissa@eodwarriorfoundation.org.

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