Ft. Bragg's Hall of Heroes Honors Fallen EOD

Fort Bragg, North Carolina A memorial established by the members of the 192nd EOD Battalion out of Fort Bragg was dedicated on April 21. The Hall of Heroes honors the 45 EOD soldiers who died in the line of duty while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since March 2001. Seven of those soldiers served with the 192nd.

The memorial seeks to not only to serve as a tribute, but to serve as a window into the unit's past for new members, many of whom have not participated in the types of missions that claimed the lives of their fellow EOD specialists.

In a statement, 192nd Commander Lt. Col. Benjamin Lipari said, "The day we fail to remember to honor our fallen, the day we forget that we serve a higher purpose than just ourselves, that is the day we lose focus on what it means to be a soldier."


Some House Guests Just Bring Flowers

Salina, Kansas Fort Riley EOD responded to a home after a man brought a 105 mm shell into a friend's home. The munition was given to the man to dispose of by the widow of a recently deceased man who had owned the item.

The man notified police after he realized the ordnance could possible be dangerous. Luckily for him and the six homes in the area which were evacuated as a result, it was inert. The response team disposed of the shell at the Smoky Hill bombing range.

Treasure Hunters Find Live Hand Grenade

Lancashire, England A father and son duo out treasure hunting in Ribble Valley found more than they bargained for when the uncovered a WWII era hand grenade. The two started to dig on the target after their metal detector rang off in a field. The son (age 50) and father (age 75) said that did not realize it was a grenade until they dug it up.



Spring Cleaning Should Never Be a "Blast"

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin We all dread spring cleaning, but it turned downright dangerous for a man who discovered a WWII-era bazooka round in the rafters of his basement.

The retired military man believed the item to be inert and drove it down to the local Sheriff's Office. The police officers sent a picture to a military unit in Madison, which identified the object as a WWII-era bazooka rocket. The military unit instructed police to barricade a two block radius around the sheriff's department.


Munition Identification Assistance

A UXOInfo.com reader emailed the following pictures looking for a positive identification on the following munition:



Man Arrrested for Possessing Military Ordnance

Columbus, Georgia A 26 year old man was charged with possession of a destructive device after police found a M115A2 flash bang grenade simulator at the man's house. Since the item was of military origin, Police called the EOD unit from Fort Benning to remove and dispose of the grenade.

The 789th EOD unit safely relocated the item to the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office Training Center where it was disposed of. An investigation is underway to determine how that man ended up with the flash bang simulator.

Explosive "Mistake" on a School Bus

Loudoun County, Virginia Explosive material was reportedly left on a school bus following K-9 related training exercises. The local sheriff's office reported that the item in question as "a container of an explosive material." The material was found in the engine compartment of the bus during routine maintenance.

The unidentified substance was described by officials as "harmless" as it didn't contain a blasting cap to activate it. The bus apparently made a total of eight trips transporting special needs children to and from school with the explosive substance on board.


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