EOD Destroys 75,000 Pounds of Explosives

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Fort Bliss, Texas Soldiers, from two U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or EOD, companies, eliminated more than 75,000 pounds of explosives during operations in New Mexico over the past month.

The 734th EOD Company demolished 15,000 pounds of explosives at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, and the 741st EOD Company destroyed 60,000 pounds of ordnance at New Mexico Tech's Energetic Materials Research Testing Center in Socorro, New Mexico.

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Contractors Discover Tank Rounds in Ohio Home

Dayton, Ohio Bomb squads from the Dayton Police Department and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base were called to remove ordnance items found by a contractor installing insulation in a Dayton home.

The two 75 mm tank rounds, believed to be from the 1950s, were deemed potentially dangerous and safely removed and detonated. There is no word about how the UXO ended up in the home or how long it had been there.

More Than Just Memories, Footlocker Fuels Family Fear

Garden City, Kansas An old military footlocker can be a treasure trove of history and sentiment, but a Garden City family found a bit more than that while going through one in their home. To the shock of family, the locker held two old grenades. Kansas Highway bomb technicians and EOD from McConnell Air Force Base responded to the scene and nearby residents were evacuated.

EOD inspected the locker and ordered it be moved to the Finney County Road Department sand pits where a counter charge was placed, and the items in the footlocker were destroyed. It is unclear how long the grenades had been in the footlocker, but the family made a wise decision to notify authorities.

Ground Maintenance Workers Injured In UXO Encounter

Oahu, Hawaii Two ground maintenance contractors were evacuated to Queen's Medical Center after being involved in a UXO incident. The workers reportedly encountered UXO at Makua Military Reservation as they were operating weed-whackers. The encounter caused an explosion that caused serious injury to one worker with the blast impacting a nearby worker to a lesser degree.

An Army contracted medevac helicopter airlifted the civilians to the hospital. The exact type of munition involved in the accident was not reported and it is unknown if UXO escorts were provided to the workers. The incident is under investigation by the Army.

Huntsville Center CWM Legend Retires After 24 Years

Article Submitted By: USACE Huntsville Center representative.

Huntsville, Alabama After more than 24 years of civil service, Charles (Chuck) Twing, chief, Chemical Warfare Design Center, retires March 31. His accomplishments were recognized during a March 20 retirement ceremony attended by current and past Huntsville Center employees as well as representatives from Redstone Arsenal and other Army agencies outside the USACE and Huntsville Center realm.

"These people didn't have to come to the Center on a rainy day like today, but they showed up and that is a testament to you Chuck", said Col. Robert Ruch, Huntsville Center commander. "That speaks strongly to the support you've given."

Prior to his hiring in 1990 as the second UXO safety specialist brought on board at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Division, Twing served 20 years in the active-duty Army as an EOD officer.


Cannonball Detonated on Boston Beach

Boston, Massachusetts The State Police Bomb Squad safely carried out a controlled explosion of an old, rusty, 12-inch Civil War Era cannonball found by a fisherman. The cannonball was found under a sand berm on Carson Beach near Castle Island.

The round was suspected of being filled with black powder. The cannonball was disposed without incident.

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WWII Era Bomb Found on U.S. Base In Germany

Grafenwoehr, Germany When a WWII-era U.S. bomb was discovered at the construction site of a new elementary school at the U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr, both U.S. officials and German EOD responded. After the safe evacuation of the surrounding community, EOD moved the bomb to a nearby range for disposal.

The UXO was identified as a WWII U.S. 1,000 pound bomb and thus determined to fall under German EOD jurisdiction. However, due to its location on the U.S. base, the 702nd EOD Company, headquartered there, was tasked with the disposal.

Ironically, the discovery of the bomb came just days before the 70th anniversary of the Allied bombing of Grafenwoehr, which during WWII was a German military training area. The April 8, 1945 attack, known as "Low Sunday," saw over 200 American B-17 bombers drop nearly 200 tons of fire bombs over area.

Those Aren't Toys Young Men!

Mount Santa Rosa, Guam A nine-year-old and his 19-year-old relative found a cache of UXO while hiking and decide to bring the munitions home as souvenirs. Military officials were called by the boy's father who felt the four grenades, four rocket mortars, a 81-mm mortar, and 5.56mm rifle rounds could be hazardous.

The items were indeed determined to be live and were removed for disposal. The boys had also previously found tanks and guns in the same area.

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