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WWII Era Bomb Found on U.S. Base In Germany

Grafenwoehr, Germany When a WWII-era U.S. bomb was discovered at the construction site of a new elementary school at the U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr, both U.S. officials and German EOD responded. After the safe evacuation of the surrounding community, EOD moved the bomb to a nearby range for disposal.

The UXO was identified as a WWII U.S. 1,000 pound bomb and thus determined to fall under German EOD jurisdiction. However, due to its location on the U.S. base, the 702nd EOD Company, headquartered there, was tasked with the disposal.

Ironically, the discovery of the bomb came just days before the 70th anniversary of the Allied bombing of Grafenwoehr, which during WWII was a German military training area. The April 8, 1945 attack, known as "Low Sunday," saw over 200 American B-17 bombers drop nearly 200 tons of fire bombs over area.

Those Aren't Toys Young Men!

Mount Santa Rosa, Guam A nine-year-old and his 19-year-old relative found a cache of UXO while hiking and decide to bring the munitions home as souvenirs. Military officials were called by the boy's father who felt the four grenades, four rocket mortars, a 81-mm mortar, and 5.56mm rifle rounds could be hazardous.

The items were indeed determined to be live and were removed for disposal. The boys had also previously found tanks and guns in the same area.

Garage Sale Shut Down Due to UXO

DeLand, Florida The Volusia County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad was summoned to a garage sale when an off-duty sheriff's deputy saw what appeared to be an military ordnance item in the garage. The home was evacuated and EOD from Patrick Air Force Base responded to remove item which was actually a WWII 75mm German artillery shell.

The shell, which still had its firing pin in place, was safely removed from the scene. The owner claims to have had the ordnance for over 20 years, a gift from a friend who brought it back from the War.

Federal Housing Program Halted Over UXO Threats

Honolulu, Hawaii Concerns over WWII UXO on some Big Island properties have forced two federal housing-assistance programs to suspend grants and loan guarantees for Native Hawaiian housing at those locations. Among those programs on hold is a $2 million grant for infrastructure work at a Hawaiian homestead development in Waimea.

Also affected are several families planning to build new homes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has stopped issuing loan guarantees in the areas. Officials from the department recently learned that five homestead communities are within 100,000 acres contaminated with remnants of bombs, grenades and other munitions, remnants of WWII training exercises in the area.


Explosives Used As A Flood Mitigation Tool

Sebewaing, Michigan Huron County Road Commission workers and contractors working under a USACE funded flood control project utilized explosives to break ice in the Sebewaing River near the mouth to Saginaw Bay. The project was carried out in coordination with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The purpose of the blasting was to prevent ice dams from forming and to reduce the potential for flooding in the spring time. Ice blasting is only required when certain conditions are met including thick ice (> 2-feet thick) and a fast spring thaw is expected. The blasting also helps to protect downstream bridges by helping to break apart large blocks of ice that get carried away with the current during the spring thaw.


UK Playground Feared to Harbor UXO

Moray, United Kingdom Aerial photographs found during an archival research revealed a residential park was actually constructed over an area that was once an Army WWII era camp. The playground actually overlapped a former trench training area. Concerns that UXO were never screened for or cleared during construction of the park and playground led to widespread fears among the residents.

A contractor was hired to conduct an investigation at the site. To date, only scrap metal has been located, but parents in the area have expressed concern that children have been playing on ground that could house explosive threats. Local officials maintain the safety of the park and no closures or evacuations have taken place.

What A Catch - Fishing Trawler Snags Bomb

South Shields, United Kingdom The crew aboard the fishing trawler, Ticino, though they had a nice size catch in their nets based upon the weight but were shocked to find out that the 'big catch' was actually a bomb. The trawler was reportedly fishing 3-miles off of Souter Point when they caught the bomb in the nets.

The boat's Captain radioed the Coastguard to report the unusual find. The Coastguard sent a ship to the area and helped to safely navigate the bomb laden vessel to the Whitley Bay where an EOD team from the Royal Navy was waiting. EOD inspected the bomb and identified as it WWII era British bomb that was likely jettisoned from a bomber returning from a mission.


Hot Tub Install Delayed Due To UXO

Monterey, California A man digging a trench in his yard for a hot tub struck several vintage bottles and then something a bit more disconcerting. The 6 x 3 inch metal cylinder which he described as heavy and coated in a black, powdery material, turned out to be an old mortar round.

The Monterey County bomb squad responded, secured the area, and used a robot to remove the ordnance from the yard. The round was then transported by the bomb squad for off-site disposal. Eight houses in the area had to be evacuated during the removal of the UXO.

Fort Ord is in the Monterey area but it's unknown if the UXO originated from there or how it ended up in the residential lot.

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