Encrusted, Embedded UXO Found on UK Coast

Angus, United Kingdom An old military ordnance was uncovered on Montrose Beach in Angus. A private citizen reported the find to he UK Coastguard. The munition was encrusted, corroded and stuck in rocks.

The Montrose Coastguard Rescue Team was sent to examine the item who confirmed it was indeed military ordnance. An EOD team was called to dispose of the device.

Angus, OK UXO

File This UXO Find Under "Here We Go Again"

Frederick, Maryland The Maryland State Bomb squad responded to what has become an all-to-familiar scene of a suspect UXO at a scrapyard. Officials removed what appeared to be an old hand grenade from Reliable Recycling Inc.

An employee noticed the munition in scrap pile. The grenade was intact and appeared to still have the pin in place. The item was moved to a distant part of the yard away from employees and behind a concrete barrier while employees called 911.


WWII Era Shell Found By Roadcrew

Galeston Gorge, Australia Road workers repairing a road following a heavy rainfall found an ordnance item during construction. The police were notified and an Australian Defence Force (ADF) EOD team from Orchid Hills was dispatched to remove the UXO.

Galeston Gorge


Bomb Technicians Search for Aging Dynamite

Waynesboro, VA Police setup an exclusion zone around a construction site after workers reported finding wires sticking out of drilled holes as they feared that the wires lead to unexploded dynamite. The construction crew was part of a wetlands rehabilitation project and was cautious due to reports of dynamite being utilized in the past to build a retention pond in the area during the late 1980s.<.p>


Car Manufacturer Concerned Over UXO

Wolfsburg, German The grounds of Volkswagen's headquarters and assembly plant are being searched for UXO after construction workers noticed suspicious pieces of metal and fragmentation in a few places during a project. The investigation will likely take a week or more to complete. If UXO is found, the plant and surrounding buildings will have to be evacuated.


That's Not A Soccer Ball In My Garage

Mitchell, South Dakota A Civil War cannonball that was found in a garage in Wessington Springs was destroyed by the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD Unit which is based out of Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Cannonball Garage


Backseat Bomb Blunder

Allston, Massachusetts A man drove to the Boston Fire Department, Engine 41 Ladder 14 firehouse, with a very strange "passenger" in the backseat. He arrived at the station with an old mortar in his Jeep (shown below).

Back Seat Mortar


Summer on the Beach

Article submitted by UXO Guest Author Richard D. Albright.

While this story is principally written from information known to Locals familiar with the Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, the principles apply at all beaches. Almost monthly, UXOInfo features a story of an ordnance item being found on the beach or in shallow water just offshore. Often these are shells or rockets which have rolled into shore during storms or have been pumped in with sand for beach replenishment projects.

Military shells generally look like shells and many civilians are easily able to recognize them. However, many naval shells are the ones often found on beaches and these may appear harmless since they are base fused and appear to be armor piercing with no explosives.


Welcome UXO Guest Author - Dr. Richard Albright

UXOInfo.com welcomes UXO Guest Author* Dr. Richard D. Albright, a local chemical weapons and ordnance expert who holds a Bachelor's from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Environmental Health from George Washington University and Doctorate from Wayne State. A former Army officer, he wrote a science bestseller, "Cleanup of Chemical and Explosive Munitions," now in its second edition; as well as two more books on munitions and their constituents, "Death of the Chesapeake," and "Poisoning the World's Women and Infants: The Story of Perchlorate."

Dr. Albright has testified before Congress and state government on munitions issues, and in federal court on environmental issues. He has been presented on prime time Russian TV and in international media as a weapons expert. His munitions work has been featured in: The Washingtonian Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Northeast Ohio News Herald, The Atlantic City Press, The New York Times, and The Kansas City Star. He has been cited as an ordnance authority in a briefing paper for the European Parliament.


Show and Tell Shell

Southampton, United Kingdom Over 1,000 students were evacuated from a school after a student brought an ordnance item to school. The ten inch tip of a shell was brought in by a student who wanted to share the item during the school's commemorations of the Battle of the Somme, known as the bloodiest battle of WWI.

The student found the item on a family trip to a Dorset firing range. A teacher was rightfully worried about the safety of the shell and police were contacted. They evacuated the building, cordoned off the area and called in EOD. The item was confirmed to be part of an old military shell and was removed by EOD for disposal.

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