Beach Closed After Munitions Debris Finds

San Juan, Puerto Rico The Playa Grande beach, a popular beach in the western region of the island of Vieques, was closed after visitors reported finding munitions debris including an expended projectile and tail fins from a mortar round. The debris, which did not pose a danger to visitors, was removed for proper disposal.

Man Brings Military Ordnance Into Hunting Store

Torrance, California You've heard the expression, "No Dogs Allowed," but how about "No Ordnance Allowed"?

A section of the street and some businesses were evacuated and a bomb squad brought to the scene of a hunting/fishing store after a customer brought in a suspicious military ordnance.

Police were notified to handle the unidentified device which neither the customer nor store employees were able to deem live or inert. Bomb squad personnel determined that the ordnance did not pose an immediate threat and removed it offsite for further evaluation.


Residents File Lawsuit Over UXO Issues at Active Range

Big Island, Hawaii A group of local residents are suing the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) over UXO issues associated with the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA). The lawsuit alleges that the DLNR breached its duty to protect lands used for training by not forcing the military to clear UXO and other debris from the land. The group also wants to prevent DLNR from negotiating an extension to its current lease or entering a new lease until the trust conditions are met.

The current lease agreement, signed in 1694, between the State and the U.S. government provides for the use of over 22,800 acres at PTA until 2029 at a lease price of $1. Last year, DLNR began working on a mutual cancellation of the lease with the goal of establishing a new lease between the parties for the use of the land for military training including for live fire munitions training.


Mystery Munition of the Month - December 2014

Article by UXO Guest Author Bob Parsons, Former USAF EOD Technician, current civilian UXO Technician.

Admit it... we've all been there, digging around In the dirt with tools better suited to a flower garden than the red Georgia clay or hard pack you find yourself in now. You've dug it up and now it's yours, but what is it? Our first reaction is often 'what the hell is that?' followed soon after with 'is it even ordnance related?'

That's where our crew was once again and yes, I admit, not the first time for me (or anyone else being honest). It's in my hand 'cause there's obviously no explosive hazard, and the exam begins. Looks like cheap pot metal mostly but there are a couple steel bars too, plus a stainless steel plate on the base. Seems poor construction idea, what with dissimilar metals galvanic corrosion is assured and obvious (save the stainless plate). A couple through and through holes, a half round depression, and that's about all there is. First impression is manufacturing item or maybe vehicular... but being in the middle of a burn/demo area raises doubts in that realm.


Military Mortar Found in Near WWI Training Facility

San Diego, California San Diego Gas and Electric technicians discovered a 3-inch mortar shell while working near a power substation in Tierrasanta. Police responded and then called in the Metro Arson Strike Team who then summoned experts from the Marine Corps to remove the ordnance.

Much of Tierrasanta occupies land that once was the site of Camp Elliott, a 26,000-acre USMC, Navy, and Air Force base from 1940 to 1961. During WWI, some of the same terrain was within Camp Kearny, an Army training facility that eventually gave its name to the surrounding mesa.


A Decade Later - Britain Learns UXO Dredging Lesson

Leigh-on Sea, England Bomb disposal experts were called to Belfairs Park after receiving a report of a UXO along a path constructed for the recently built Woodland Center.

The recent find, identified by bomb disposal as a 40mm round, was not the first UXO call along the pathway. An earlier call identified a live fuze from an anti-aircraft shell along the pathway. The previous call resulted in a search of the area where investigators found additional ordnance items. The latest discovery is proof that ordnance sweeps are rarely 100% effective.

Investigators attribute the ordnance finds to the aggregate that was used in pathway construction which was made from crushed shells. Apparently, the dredge area where the shells were gathered from off shore was a former munitions sea disposal site.


Living History Is Not Just a Slogan When It Come to UXO

Charleston, South Carolina Construction crews working on the expansion of the Jewish Studies Center at the College of Charleston uncovered a Civil War era munition. The construction crew called the police who responded and evacuated the immediate era. Air Force EOD from Joint Base Charleston was called in to provide technical support. EOD safely removed the munition from the area for safe disposal.


Firefighters Go the Extra Mile for EOD Family

Marana, Arizona The family of Gunnery Sgt. Greg Mullins, one of the four U.S. Marines who died in the accidental range clearnace ordnance explosion last year at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton, was devastated when their puppy ran away on a recent trip. Mocha, the family's lemon beagle, provided a sense of comfort to Mullins family including the three children following the loss of their father.

Upon hearing of the family's lost puppy, who was named for their father's love of white mocha frappuccinos, the Northwest Fire District set out to locate the dog. After days of searching, posting to social media sites, putting up posters, and speaking with residents in the area, they were almost ready to abandon the effort when one of the firefighters located Mocha at the Pima Animal Care Center.


Horse Ride Results in UXO Find

Fort Huachuca, Arizona An EOD team from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was called to Fort Huachuca to detonate a live WWII-era, 81-mm mortar round found by a horseback rider on one of the ranges.

The rider wisely notified base personnel after locating the ordnance near the end of the Libby Army Airfield runway on the base, home to the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM).

EOD conducted an open detonation operation to disposal of the UXO.

Large Scale Evacuation Due To WWII Era UXO

Rennes, France Approximately 3,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes bomb experts defused an unexploded WWII British bomb. The 550-pound bomb was discovered by work crews building a new metro line near city hall.

The British bomb was packed with 70kg of high explosives. Disposal experts had to proceed with extreme caution during the disarming of the munition due to the bomb's sensitive fuzing. The city including a major railway junction was the target of numerous attacks in 1944.

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