No Image Available Filler and Weight
Body and Overall Weight
NA, 1.2 lb
Type of Round, DODIC
Smoke, NA
The M75 submunition consists of a steel body with a smoke signature flash charge. The body has the identical outside configuration as the M73 HE grenade However, the wall is thicker and is machined out so that the finished grenade with the smoke capsule has the same weight and center of gravity as the loaded HE grenade. The smoke/flash charge consists of 17 grams of a mixture of potassium perchlorate (33%) and aluminum powder (67%), The charge is ignited by the M55 detonator in the M23 omni-directional fuze. The M231 fuze is identical to the M230 fuze (used with the HE grenade) except that there is no explosive lead and no booster pellet. There is no wave shaper: the smoke capsule is directly below the fire hole of the fuze,
The M267 warhead contains 3 each M75 practice submunitions and 6 inert simulators for use in training,.
The functioning of the M75 grenade is similar to that of the M73 HE grenade and the submunition fuze M231 functions the same as the M230 fuze. When the grenade is armed (the slider now projects approximately 0.25 inch out of the grenade body), and if it is subjected to an impact force applied in any direction (by striking the ground or a hard object), the sensing mass moves on its pivot and releases the locking ball holding back the firing pin. The firing pin, driven by its spring, strikes the M55 stab detonator which, in turn, ignites the smoke pyrotechnic charge, resulting in a brilliant flash and a puff of white smoke.
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    TM 43-0001-30 Dec 1981
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